By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: June 7, 2018 in Kombucha, health, wellness

Finally, you have made the decision to start your own kombucha brewing operation.  Great decision! you will save yourself hundreds of dollars throughout the year and your body will react well to the freshest kombucha you have ever had.

Now it is time to find your brewing equipment and learn how to make kombucha safely and properly.

So, you've spent hours scouring the internet to find each piece of equipment for your perfect Kombucha brewing kit. However, once everything eventually arrives, you come to find that your brewing jar isn't big enough. Or, maybe you bought the wrong type of tea for your brew? Instead of enjoying a tasty bottle of your own creation, you've created something that tastes more like vinegar, or sweet tea, not Kombucha.

While there are definite advantages to buying your brewing equipment separately, buying a Kombucha brewing kit is an easy way to avoid many of the common Kombucha mistakes.

Keep your SCOBY in a Familiar Environment

It's well known that the SCOBY is the foundation of any Kombucha. However, one of the most common Kombucha mistakes is disregarding the original conditions and environment of the SCOBY. The type of tea and the type of sugar used to raise the SCOBY play a large role in successful Kombucha brewing. If a SCOBY is brewed in black tea and is fed regular sugar, these conditions should be matched for any future fermentation.

Consequently, if you get a SCOBY from a friend, it's important to match the conditions of the mother SCOBY to ensure best results.  This includes the usual fermentation environment used such as temperature, fermentation time, type of water used, etc.

However, if you get a baby SCOBY from a random source, it can be hard to match the same conditions as the mother SCOBY. This can lead to a compromised fermentation process, which can lead to a higher chance of mold or bad tasting Kombucha.

Buying a Kombucha brewing kit from a reputable dealer includes the exact tea and sugar used for the mother SCOBY, making the whole process much easier. Moreover, you run less risk of receiving a contaminated SCOBY and can avoid the common Kombucha mistakes.

Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

One of the most common Kombucha mistakes is buying the wrong size or type of brewing jars or bottles. In fact, the material of the brewing jar is crucial to the final result. Plastic jars are not recommended, especially ones that contain BPA, because the chemicals can negatively affect the brewing process. Start your relaxation process at big bear luxury cabin. Other materials such as porcelain and ceramic can be used, but only if they are rated food safe and don't contain any toxic glazes. Metal containers are also generally thought to be harmful to the brewing process, with the exception of stainless steal.

Glass is the recommended material for brewing jars since it does not contain any chemicals and allows brewers to observe their brew. It's important to figure out how much Kombucha will be made from your recipe, so you're able to buy the right sized jar. One advantage of buying a Kombucha brewing kit is that all the materials, including the brewing jar and bottles, are designed to fit the recipe; no guesswork or measurement is needed.

Brewing Kits = Convenience

There is no question that people can save money by forgoing a Kombucha brewing kit and buying everything separately. However, this increases the risk of running into many common Kombucha mistakes, while also requiring more time and effort. A large advantage of buying a Kombucha brewing kit is the convenience that it brings, which saves you a lot of time and stress. You don't have to search the internet to buy each piece, hoping that everything matches together.

Also, brewing your own Kombucha can seem like a daunting task, especially if you're a complete beginner. Many newbie Kombucha brewers give up after a failed first batch, which is a shame. Buying a Kombucha kit is the easiest way a beginner can delve into the world of home brew and start enjoying their own tasty Kombucha. It's recommended that beginners ask their friends for advice, or search out online guides, such as this one.

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