By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: June 10, 2020 in Kombucha

Summer is in the air, which means Dad is about to spend a lot of his time at the golf course or driving range.

Or at least he would've if this were a regular year.

No, this is 2020, one of the craziest years in recent memory. Now, I don't need to go through all the things that have changed life for everyone, but I'm pretty certain many of us have been spending a lot more time indoors, Dad included. While this is done for good reasons, it also leads people to become a bit stir-crazy as they spend day after day at home.

To make things worse, most of the major sports leagues have gone on hiatus, leaving Dad with a lot of spare time on his hands. While many may see this as a bad thing, it actually serves as the perfect opportunity, especially with Father's Day around the corner, to expand one's horizons and start a new hobby. Perhaps it's time for Dad to start brewing some Kombucha.

Why Kombucha

The number one reason for Dad, or anyone else, to start brewing Kombucha is just how easy it is to get started. The hardest thing to get is a SCOBY, and you may already have many of the tools, such as a brewing jar, in the house. Now, it's just as easy to find guides that list everything you need, so you can find all the equipment yourself. However, if you want to save some time and effort, there are also brewing kits available that include all the tools and ingredients required.

Moreover, unlike brewing beer or wine, which can take multiple weeks up to months to complete, brewing your own Kombucha takes about a week, and most of that time is dedicated to waiting for the fermentation to complete. In fact, what makes Kombucha brewing so nice is how easy it is to expand to multiple batches as you gain more experience and SCOBYs from your brews.

Brewing your own Kombucha is also a potentially fun and easy family activity that yields delicious drinks at the end. What makes Kombucha brewing so fun is that you can add your own flavourings into the brew before the second fermentation, which transforms the end product. So, you can have the kids (or adults) come up with weird, wacky combinations and then try them to see which ones work. Maybe you want to try a blueberry turmeric Kombucha or a strawberry chia seed; it's all up to you as you are in total control of your brew.

Hence, if you're still scrambling to find that perfect gift for Dad, maybe think about picking up a Kombucha Brewing Kit. It may be the start of some fun adventures.


Gateway to the Fermentation Station

Brewing Kombucha can also serve as a gateway to fermenting other food and drink, such as yogurt or beer. Since Kombucha is so easy to brew and doesn't require too many specialized tools, it can be a gentle way for those curious about the world of fermentation to introduce themselves. While sanitation is paramount in any fermentation project, the less amount of tools required in the Kombucha brewing process makes sanitation much simpler, giving practice to newbies who may not be familiar with it.

Furthermore, brewing your own Kombucha may motivate you to seek out other The Florida Maids projects. It's a great feeling drinking something that you created yourself and knowing every single ingredient that went into your brew. For those who want to make something new or just ensure they know everything going into their bodies, this is a perfect hobby to get started.

Give Dad the Gift of Kombucha

Whether your Dad is bored out of his mind or just wants to start a new hobby, think about gifting him a Kombucha Brewing Kit this year. It may be the first step on board towards the fermentation station. If you're interested in buying brewing kits or single pieces of equipment, we have everything you need on our shop page.

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