By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: February 13, 2019 in Kombucha

Although it may not be on the label, every bottle of Kombucha does contain some alcohol as it is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process. However, the alcohol content is often so low, around 1% or less, that manufacturers are not required to put that information on the bottle. Now, this doesn't mean you can get drunk off regular Kombucha as it would require drinking many bottles within a short time frame to even flirt with inebriation.

But what if you wanted to get a buzz off Kombucha?

Luckily for those who want to get a good buzz from their brew, there are several Hard Kombuchas available at liquor stores across North America. Similar to hard cider, Hard Kombucha is a tea-based alcoholic drink that is usually flavoured with fruits and herbs. While Hard Kombucha is still an emerging industry, we're gonna cover some of the more prominent brands that are available right now.

KYLA Hard Kombucha

Perhaps the most well known Hard Kombucha brand in North America, KYLA, offers 4 flavours: Hibiscus Lime, Ginger Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, and Cold Brew Coffee. These Hard Kombuchas have the same satisfying fizzy taste as its non-alcoholic counterpart but with a stronger punch.

Furthermore, KYLA can be a great alternative for beer drinkers who are watching their figure. With only 2 grams or less of carbohydrates and about 100 calories per bottle, it is a much healthier choice than regular beers and even some light beers, especially for carbs. For example, a similar serving of Coors Light has 102 calories but also contains 5 grams of carbohydrates. To add to the benefits, KYLA Kombucha is gluten free and still is full of live cultures that give Kombucha its digestive aid quality.

You can enjoy KYLA on its own or part of a cocktail. Some people have reported great success in using it as a replacement for some of the fruit juice used for hard punch. Each bottle contains 4.5% alcohol, which is equivalent to most Canadian beers.


Another American company making Hard Kombucha is Kombrewcha based out of New York. In fact, Kombrewcha claims to be the producer of the "World's First Hard Kombucha". Just like KYLA, Kombrewcha has 4 flavours: Berry Hibiscus, The OG, Royal Ginger, and Lemongrass Lime.

Although both KYLA comes in a smaller 11 oz bottle compared to Kombrewcha's 12 oz bottle, Kombrewcha has a smaller alcohol content at 3.2%. Both brands contain about 100 calories per bottle, but Kombrewcha has more carbohydrates than Kyla, ranging from 8 to 10 grams a bottle. Thus, this puts the nutritional content of Kombrewcha Hard Kombucha more similar to light beers.

One cool cocktail advertised on the company's website is the "Brewjito", a mojito that uses the OG flavour of Kombrewcha's Hard Kombucha. Other cocktails found on their website include a Dark and Brewchy and Brewchy Mary. 

Wild Tonic

As we mentioned before, there are two main types of Kombucha. The popular, mainstream version of Kombucha is made with cane sugar and black tea. On the other hand, Jun Kombucha is made with honey and green tea, giving this type of Kombucha an entirely different flavor profile than its more traditional counterpart.

Furthermore, there are several producers of Hard Jun Kombucha located in the United States. Wild Tonic is one popular Jun Kombucha brand and its unique spin is its high alcohol content in its brews. They have a line of Hard Kombuchas with 5.6% alcohol and another line with a whopping 7.6% alcohol, which are both higher than KYLA and Kombrewcha Hard Kombuchas.

Some of the flavours of Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha include Blueberry Basil, Blackberry Mint, Mango Ginger, Tropical Turmeric, and Raspberry Goji Rose. Another difference of Wild Tonic is that they offer different sizes of their product, ranging from 16 oz bottles to 5 gallon kegs. So, it seems like Wild Tonic has a size to fit everyone's needs.

A Reminder

Although Hard Kombucha can be a potentially healthier option than beer, it is still alcohol. So, please remember to drink responsibly.

Also, if you want to try making a kombucha cocktail or a hard kombucha, please visit our shop page. We have all of the kits needed to make kombucha at home.