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Whether you had it during your own journey through puberty or still struggle with it as an adult, acne is something that we have all experienced. In fact, there's not many things more disheartening than finding a burgeoning pimple on your face just moments before you head out to some important date or event.

Since many people deal with acne, there are a countless number of creams, face washes, soaps, and other products all designed to help fight acne. Yet, there is one item that is almost never mentioned in the battle against acne: Kombucha. Whether it's creating a Kombucha face wash, using a SCOBY face mask, or just drinking Kombucha itself, this brew has a host of health benefits, including healthier skin.

Don't believe me? Well, stick around to learn about not only the science behind acne, but also how Kombucha can be an integral part of your acne fighting routine.

What is Acne? What Causes It?

Pimples, blackheads, and irritated red skin are the common signs of acne, but what actually causes it? Well, according to WedMD, common acne is something that everyone goes through, especially during their youth. Acne occurs "when greasy secretions from the skin's sebaceous glands (oil glands) plug the tiny openings for hair follicles (plugged pores)" (WedMD). Depending on the size of the pores, the clogs can either become blackheads or whiteheads, two common symptoms of acne.

Despite all the studies dedicated towards acne over the years, the exact cause of acne is not fully determined. Instead, medical researchers point to several factors that contribute to acne. The most common cause is hormones, which explains why acne is so prominent among pubescent teens. These teenagers are going through many changes in their body and hormone levels, which lead to acne breakouts. This is the most common cause of acne and explains why most people do not have to worry about it as they transition into adulthood.

Another cause of acne is bacteria on the skin. When excess sebum clogs skin pores, bacteria can grow within these clogs and worsen acne. This can lead to typical acne or more serious forms that may require medical treatment. Stress and greasy foods have also been noted as causes for acne, but there has been no conclusive evidence to prove these claims. However, people who have experienced breakouts during a stressful period or after a night binging on greasy foods would tell you otherwise.

Kombucha Face Wash & SCOBY Masks

Those who have battled acne in the past know there are a countless number of products available, both with a prescription and over the counter. While there's no question that some of these products work very well, there are a lot of ones that are just out there to take your money. Even for the ones that work well, some people are weary about using an artificial, synthetic product on their skin.

Consequently, some people have resorted to using Kombucha face washes as a natural way to obtain healthier skin. This is just as easy as it sounds: just splash some raw Kombucha on your face and then rinse it off, much like using any other face wash. Now, it's important to use raw Kombucha in this case because flavoured Kombuchas are higher in sugar, and sugar can irritate the skin. Furthermore, some people may experience skin irritation when first using this method, which is due to new materials being introduced. If this is the case, keep using the Kombucha face wash to see if your skin adjusts to it, but stop using it if the irritation becomes worse.

Going a step further than the simple Kombucha face wash is the SCOBY mask. Now, the SCOBY is the engine of any Kombucha brew as it contains all the microorganisms that make the drink. Frequent Kombucha brewers know that a new SCOBY can be grown from the old one after several batches of Kombucha. These extra SCOBYs make great gifts for those who want to get started brewing their own Kombucha. Furthermore, another great use of extra SCOBYs is to create a SCOBY face mask. To do so, you simply need to put your SCOBY in a blender and blend it until it becomes a smooth paste. Then, simply apply the paste like a regular face mask and let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off. People using this method have reported softer skin and less pimples.

Just Drink It!

Yet, the simplest way to use Kombucha to fight acne is to simply drink it. Since Kombucha is full of probiotics, microorganisms needed for the body to maintain overall good health, simply drinking Kombucha is one way to fight acne and achieve better skin. Ensuring that your gut has all the bacteria it needs to function properly is a main component to good health, and good health generally leads to healthy skin. So, drinking Kombucha is the easiest way to help fight acne although its benefits will not be as dramatic as the other methods.

That's Not All

While we highlighted some of the ways you can use Kombucha to help fight against acne, there are a lot more methods out there. One exciting development is Kombucha soap, a type of soap that is made with Kombucha. In fact, Brew Your Bucha is partnering with an artisan soap maker to create Kombucha soap! If you're interested in learning more about our Kombucha soap, please click the link below.

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