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Kombucha and Pregnancy: The Facts

Pregnant women have it tough. They lug around a child in their stomachs and have to steer clear of old favourites such as coffee, wine, and beer  to ensure a safe birth. Moreover, these restrictions often extend beyond pregnancy as nursing mothers should also avoid these beverages. But what about Kombucha? Can a pregnant woman still enjoy Kombucha or does it join the list of banned drinks? Do Kombucha and Pregnancy mix?

Kombucha Contains Some Alcohol

The first topic that must be mentioned when discussing Kombucha and Pregnancy is the fact that all Kombuchas contain a small amount of alcohol. However, the amount of alcohol found in a bottle of Kombucha is quite low, usually ranging from 2% to 0.5% or lower. Thus, many Kombucha brands are not legally required to display this information on the bottle, yet many manufacturers choose to be transparent and include this information. While it would be immensely difficult, even impossible in some cases, to become intoxicated by drinking Kombucha, the inclusion of alcohol cannot be ignored, especially for pregnant women.

Now, a commonly known fact is that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can have negative effects on the infant, specifically fetal alcohol syndrome. However, the amount of alcohol that needs to be consumed to achieve negative effects is often debated. While it is never advisable to have a beer or cocktail during pregnancy, Kombucha can be enjoyed by pregnant women in moderation. However, this is not to say that all Kombuchas are equally safe to be consumed by pregnant women; in fact, pregnant moms should choose to drink Kombucha that is lower in alcohol. Moreover, pregnant women should only consume a few ounces of Kombucha daily.

However, this can be difficult as many Kombucha brands do not choose to display the amount of alcohol on the bottle. This can be countered by brewing your own Kombucha as it allows you to not only control the alcohol content via fermentation, but also ensures that you control every ingredient that goes into your Kombucha. For more information about brewing your own Kombucha, please visit our Learn page.

Probiotics and Pregnancy

Another concern with Kombucha and Pregnancy is the inclusion of probiotics, living microorganisms that aid in healthy digestion. While the benefits of probiotics to an average person is clear, some question the safety of introducing these micoorganisms into a pregnant body. Also, since Kombucha is a great source of probiotics, many wonder if pregnant women should avoid it for this reason.

While there is no definite, conclusive evidence, the general consensus among the medical community is that probiotics are safe for consumption for pregnant women. Moreover, limited research also shows that probiotics have no associations with miscarriages or infant malformations. In fact, probiotics can be helpful for pregnant women due to its role in digestion. Since pregnant women are vulnerable to constipation and diarrhea, the consumption of probiotics can help in avoiding these problems. A happy gut leads to a happy pregnancy, and probiotics can help ensure this harmonious situation.

Kombucha and Pregnancy: Balance is Key

Although there is a wide arrange of opinions on the topic of Kombucha and Pregnancy, it is clear that moderation is essential. There is much evidence that shows Kombucha can be helpful in a pregnancy, but consumption must be within moderation. Check out Like anything, drinking a large amount of Kombucha during pregnancy can lead to further complications, so balance is key. Still, when enjoyed in moderation, Kombucha can be a delicious, fizzy way to introduce some flavour and probiotics to all, even pregnant women.

Visit our shop if you are interested in getting started with brewing kombucha.  Contact us if you need consultation on how to lower alcohol content and how to read alcohol levels.

If you are thinking about drinking kombucha while pregnant, we recommend that you see your doctor to assess your situation and determine if drinking kombucha is right for you.

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