By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: March 25, 2019 in Kombucha

The local bar or tavern is a comfortable place where people can enjoy a nice, frosty mug of beer, an elaborately made cocktail, or even a glass a red or white wine. However, there's a new type of hangout that is becoming more popular, one that doesn't serve beer in the taps: Kombucha Breweries. 

As the name suggests, Kombucha Breweries are similar to your local craft brewery, except that these breweries make Kombucha instead of beer. Now, most Kombucha Breweries only serve their own Kombucha in their taps, but there are some places that serve a variety of different Kombuchas, mimicking the selection of beers you would find at a typical bar. 

Today, we're going to showcase some of these Kombucha Breweries, both in Canada and the United States. Then, perhaps the next time you're hankering for a refreshing drink, you'll hit up one of these cool spots. 

Oddity Kombucha and Faculty Brewing Co.

We're going to start our list by mentioning two places located in Vancouver, British Columbia that share a connection. First, Oddity Kombucha is a local producer of Kombucha located in the Mount Pleasant Area. Now, the name Oddity Kombucha reflects the brewery's goal to find unique and odd flavours of Kombucha. This has resulted in flavours such as Cascade Dry Hop Kombucha, a seasonal offering that uses both black and green tea as its base. This is quite a twist as black tea is used for conventional Kombucha while green tea is used to make Jun Kombucha. This is just one of the many wonderfully unique flavours found at Oddity Kombucha.

Faculty Brewing Co., which is located just across the street from Oddity Kombucha, is a craft brewery that was started by Mauricio and Alicia, who are husband and wife. Mauricio is the master brewer at Faculty, and Alicia is the architect who designed the building itself. In addition to all the great craft beers served at Faculty Brewing Co., this brewery also serves Oddity Kombucha as both breweries are connected to one another. Thus, if you ever have a desire to drink some Oddity Kombucha but the location is closed, you can always mosey your way across the street and enjoy Kombucha at Faculty. In fact, you can even get a tasting flight that includes both beer and Kombucha, so you can enjoy everything both breweries has to offer. 

Moore Kombucha

Moving from the Western Coast to Eastern Canada, Moore Kombucha is a brewery located in Toronto, Ontario that has established itself as one of the largest independent Kombucha producers in the area. Moore Kombucha gets its name from founder Lauren Moore, who co-founded the company in 2015. Since its opening, Moore Kombucha has offered unique and tasty flavours such as Jasmine and Pomegranate, Lavender and Vanilla, and Grapefruit and Mint.

One cool thing about Moore Kombucha is all the different ways you can enjoy the product. Most people will probably enjoy their Moore Kombucha in a bottle, but people can also order kegs if they can't get enough of the stuff. Moreover, Moore Kombucha also rents equipment such as taps and CO2 canisters to allow people to serve the Kombucha at pop-up events or outdoor markets. 

Moreover, Moore Kombucha also has a wonderful tap room where people can enjoy the Kombucha straight from the tap. However, the tap room is currently closed for renovations, so you may have to wait a bit longer until you can enjoy it.

Revel - Jun Kombucha Brewery & Tasting Room

The Kombucha Breweries that we have already mentioned generally serve regular Kombucha, which is made with black tea. However, Revel is doing something different by offering Jun Kombucha, which is made with green tea, on tap. Another difference with Jun Kombucha is that it uses honey instead of sugar for the fermentation process. Revel ensures only the highest quality ingredients go into their Kombucha as they use raw, organic honey for their brew. 

Located in California, Revel boasts flavours such as Pink Moment, a mixture of ginger, orange zest, and orange hibiscus, and Eclipse, which contains coconut and activated charcoal. All of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic, ensuring their Kombucha is only filled with the best ingredients. Yet, the most exciting with at Revel may be its Kombucha Floats. Yes, you've heard me correctly: you can enjoy your Revel Kombucha with a scoop of their wonderful ice cream! One option they have is Strawberry Kombucha with a scoop of coconut bliss ice cream, which transforms your drink into a sweet treat. 

Don't Feel Like Going Out?

Hitting up a local brewery is usually a good time, but sometimes you just want to stay home and relax. If you rather enjoy Kombucha at home, then please visit our shop page. We have everything you need to start brewing your own Kombucha.

Even if you prefer to brew your own Kombucha, it's always nice to explore and try other types of Kombucha. So, the next time you have a hankering for a cold, refreshing drink at a local craft brewery, consider visiting a Kombucha Brewery.