By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: November 5, 2017 in Kombucha

Do you want to improve your health by consuming less sugar, boosting your immune system, detoxifying your body, and increasing the levels of probiotics in your gut?  I do too!  Unfortunately, sometimes it comes at a pretty hefty cost!  After drinking store bought kombucha for over half a year, I realized I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on one of my favourite drinks - talk about having a drinking problem!  My friend recommended his kombucha home brew, which was something I wasn't aware was possible.  After he showed me how to brew, I realized that I could have saved a lot of money!

The accountant that I am, I figured I should calculate how much I'm actually saving!

Costs - Store Bought vs Homebrew

Kombucha Home Brew (16oz)

Initial Costs:

Ongoing Brewing Costs:

  • Organic Black Ceylon Tea (32g): $3.35
  • Organic Sugar (250g): $2.65
  • Fresh/Dried Fruit for Flavouring: $1.00

Initial Costs: $70.00

Ongoing Costs: $6.00

Total Cost: $78.00

Initial Cost per 16 oz serving: $4.35

Ongoing Cost per 16 oz serving: $0.88

Store Bought Kombucha (ie Synergy, GT's, Brew Doctor Kombucha (16 oz))

  • Synergy's Organic Trilogy (16 oz): $4.49
  • Brew Dr.'s Organic Love Kombucha (16 oz): $4.49
  • GT's Multigreen Kombucha (16 oz): $4.99

Average 16 oz serving: $4.65


Seems like a no-brainer to think that you would save close to $4.00 per bottle if you start home brewing your kombucha rather than buying it from the store.  But I didn't realize it until after 6 months of drinking kombucha.  Although I do enjoy trying kombucha on tap from various local kombucha brewers to get inspiration for flavoring my next brew; it's hard to say that I'll be buying kombucha in store in the future.  Other than saving money, I'm also happy knowing about and exactly what I put in every one of my brews and I don't have to worry about the health benefits from decreasing while they sit on a shelf in the store.  Check out the many benefits of drinking kombucha in our Benefits of Home Brewing post.

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