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Diabetics, be it Type 1 or Type 2, can have it tough sometimes, especially if they have a sweet tooth. Those sugary snacks and drinks they enjoyed before are now off-limits or are at least regarded as special treats. Still, many diabetics have trouble sticking to their low-sugar diets and often gorge on unhealthy food, putting them at risk for Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Pancreatitis, or even worse.

Fortunately, we're here to help you, or any loved ones you know with diabetes, help satisfy those cravings while also keeping their blood-sugar low. Kombucha is a great option for diabetics who want to drink soda but also want to avoid the high levels of sugars or artificial sweeteners. Much like soda, Kombucha has a refreshing, fizzy taste that can be influenced many fruits, spices, and even herbs. Thus, Kombucha can be a great alternative for diabetics who miss their carbonated beverages.

Although Kombucha does have a much lower sugar content than conventional sodas, some can still be quite sweet. That's why we're here to give you three great Kombucha recipes for diabetics.

A Word About Ginger

All three Kombucha recipes for Diabetics will include ginger.

First, there is some evidence that ginger can help with diabetes management, especially for those suffering from Type-2 diabetes. According to, "Researchers from the University of Sydney, Australia, found that extracts from Buderim Ginger (Australian grown ginger) rich in gingerols - the major active component of ginger rhizome - can increase uptake of glucose into muscle cells without using insulin, and may therefore assist in the management of high blood sugar levels."

Since there's evidence that ginger is good for diabetes, it's obvious to include it in our Kombucha recipes. Furthermore, ginger is a great addition for Kombucha recipes for diabetics because it provides more spiciness than sweetness. While ginger still does contain some sugar, the amount of sugar is much less than if you used fruits, which will increase the sugar content of your Kombucha.

Three Kombucha Recipes for Diabetics

1) Ginger Kombucha

Our first recipe is a simple one from TheKitchn that focuses only on ginger, the spicy root found in many Asian cuisines. Now, this recipe really focuses on the second fermentation, so it begins after the first fermentation that happens in the brewing jar. The second fermentation is when the Kombucha is bottled and other ingredients are added for flavour and carbonation. After pouring your Kombucha into bottles, add about a teaspoon of the grated ginger and its juice. Then, wait 3 to 4 days until your brew is carbonated and refrigerate before serving.

This recipes creates a spicy brew with a lot of in-your-face flavour. If you want to dial down the ginger kick, slice the ginger into rounds instead of grating it. This will ensure that less ginger flavour will penetrate the Kombucha, giving you a less intense brew. Moreover, you don't have to peel your ginger before adding it to the brew, saving you a little bit of time and hassle.

2) Lemon, Ginger, and Cayenne Kombucha

While the above recipe is a simple one, this other recipe from MyCulturedLife includes a few more ingredients to mingle with ginger. In fact, this recipe really brings the heat with some Cayenne Pepper. This may seem like a strange ingredient for Kombucha, but it really mixes well with the other components. Once again, this recipe focuses on the second fermentation when the Kombucha is placed in its individual bottles.

First, the recipe call for juicing both the lemons and ginger, which will yield about a 3/4 cup and 2 tablespoons respectively. Moreover, the recipe instructs to mix a tablespoon of cayenne pepper with 1/4 cup of organic sugar. Now, the sugar can be omitted if you desire, but it does help the carbonation process. Moreover, the amount of sugar is still quite low when compared to other Kombucha recipes or other beverages.

All the ingredients are mixed together in the bottle and then need to sit for a few more days to complete the second fermentation. What results is a unique Kombucha, one that packs quite the punch of both heat and flavour. You can adjust the amount of cayenne pepper if you want a spicier or milder brew, but also remember to adjust the amount of sugar to ensure a good balance.

3) Ginger, Turmeric, and Black pepper Kombucha

Much like ginger, turmeric is celebrated for its medicinal benefits, especially as a anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. There is some rumblings that turmeric can also help with diabetes, but there is not enough sufficient evidence to make that claim. Nevertheless, this recipe combines the flavors of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper to create a truly unique brew.

Just like the other two recipes, this one also focuses on the second fermentation. It's important to know that this recipe from EnlightenedFoodie uses whole turmeric, not powdered.  Moreover, the recipe is also for a 1 litre bottle of Kombucha instead of smaller individual bottles, so you may have to mess around with the amounts if doing separate batches. You simply have to cut about an inch of both ginger and turmeric into small pieces and also grind up a 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper. Now, it's very important to use freshly ground black pepper as it still contains its essential oils. Using already ground black pepper will lead to worse results.

Simply take all the ingredients and add it to your brew and bottle it. The recipe also calls for the addition of organic sugar that can also be omitted if desired. After letting the brew sit for a few days, you have a spicy, tangy Kombucha.

Try These Recipes at Home

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