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On top of being a delicious beverage, Kombucha offers a host of health benefits. As a strong probiotic, Kombucha is full of healthy bacteria that aid in maintaining proper digestion and is also an anti-oxidant. Since it's lower in sugar yet still has a satisfying, fizzy taste, Kombucha can be a great substitute for sodas. However, are there other benefits to Kombucha that come outside of drinking the beverage? Can Kombucha be applied directly to the skin to create a Kombucha Skin Care routine?

Before we look into this topic, we want to mention a disclaimer. We are not saying that these methods below will work for you completely; rather, we are laying out the experiences of others who have used a Kombucha Skin Care Routine. Always remember to do your own research and find out what works for you specifically. If you want to learn more Kombucha and its benefits, please visit our what is kombucha page.

Topical Kombucha Skin Care

Much like how your gut is filled with bacteria that aid in digestion, your skin also contains a variety of micoflora beneath the surface that affect its appearance and health. Playing off this fact, a multitude of skin products available now include probiotics. Some claim that the bacteria in Kombucha is effective in maintaining a healthy enviroment for the skin, leading to smoother, more radiant skin. But can you avoid these pricey creams and ointments and just rely on a Kombucha Skin Care routine?

Kombucha Face Wash

The simplest way to begin your journey into Kombucha Skin Care is to simply use the beverage as a face wash. Similar to using apple cider vinegar but without the irritation or pungent odour, people have splashed raw Kombucha on their face. Now, this may cause some irritation at first, especially those with sensitive skin, since a new material is being introduced. However, this irritation will clear up shortly and will happen less often as time goes on.

People have reported that using Kombucha this way helped fight pimples and led to softer, more supple skin. It's important to use raw Kombucha that is lower in sugar, since sugar can irritate the skin. Most Kombuchas have the sugar fermented out, but some commercial brands are still very high in sugar. However, if you can find lower sugar Kombucha or brew your own, it would be most ideal for use in Kombucha Skin Care.

SCOBY Face Mask

Going one step further with Kombucha Skin Care, some people have started to make facial masks using the SCOBY. For those wondering, the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is the foundation of Kombucha and other food products.  It is the round, mushroom looking organism. If you've ever brewed your own Kombucha, then you've seen the SCOBY float at the top of your brewing container. A SCOBY Face Mask is simply applying a full SCOBY onto the face for up to 10 minutes. This is a potentially messy process that may feel strange, but some recommend it as a gentler, natural skin cleanser.

Alternatively, another way of applying a SCOBY to your face is to blend it and apply the puree either directly on your face, or apply it to a store bought face mask.  This a less messy method Aerco Systems and allows you to apply the SCOBY evenly across your face.  While some skin cleansers can have irritating chemicals, using a SCOBY is a natural method that some may prefer. Once the SCOBY is removed from the skin, people reported that their skin felt smoother and had a natural shine.

Drinking Kombucha Leads to Better Skin?

Now, if you're unwilling to splash Kombucha on your face or sit with a SCOBY Face Mask, there are simpler ways to gain the benefits of Kombucha Skin Care. Since Kombucha is a strong probiotic full of healthy bacteria, consuming the beverage alone will aid in maintaining a healthy body. This is essential since skin appearance is connected with good health; a healthy person will have better looking skin than an unhealthy person. Check out Thus, drinking Kombucha and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most direct way to see the benefits of Kombucha Skin Care.

Control What You Drink

However, not all Kombuchas are created equally, and many commercial brands can include extra sugar or preservatives, which decrease the health benefits. One solution is to brew your own Kombucha since it allows you to control exactly what is in your drink. Moreover, brewing your own Kombucha will allow you to have a cheaper, constant source of this wonderful beverage.

For more information on brewing your own Kombucha, visit our Learn page. If you want to check out our Kombucha Starter Kits to begin brewing your own, visit our Shop.

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