By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: February 22, 2019 in Kombucha

In the past, we've written about Kombucha Skin Care. While that article mentioned methods such as making a Kombucha face wash or SCOBY face masks, there's a new trend in Kombucha Skin Care: Kombucha Soap.

As the name obviously suggests, this soap is made from the Kombucha brew. These are bars of soap that are not only great for achieving a clean body, but they also carry all the benefits of Kombucha for the skin.

Still confused or have questions? Well, stick around and you'll learn all about this exciting new type of soap.

What is Kombucha Soap? How is it Different?

In a typical soap recipe, distilled water is one of the primary liquid ingredients. Soap makers choose to use distilled water over tap water because of consistency issues.

Depending on where you live, your local water will have different levels of 'hardness'. Now, 'harder' water just means water that contains more dissolved minerals, such as Calcium and Magnesium, that turn the water white, especially fresh from the tap. Water hardness has no effect on the cleanliness of the water, so people can drink it with no problems. However, when it comes to soap, 'harder' water can lead to bubbly, inconsistent soap. That's why most soap makers choose to use distilled water as it has a consistent level of minerals to ensure a smoother, more silky soap bar.

To take this one step further, some creative soap makers have began to substitute Kombucha for distilled water in their soap recipes. Now, the amount of Kombucha used depends on the type of soap desired, but some makers have replaced as much as three quarters of the amount of distilled water in a soap recipe with Kombucha, creating soap that actually uses Kombucha as one of its main ingredients. This doesn't mean much to the naked eye as Kombucha Soap looks exactly the same as a regular bar of soap. However, it would be foolish to assume that both bars are the same.

What are the Benefits?

As we mentioned in previous articles, your body contains a system of various microflora that usually coexist in harmony to ensure proper health in all areas. One step to having healthy skin is to maintain this harmony within your body as a healthy gut leads to a healthy life. Since Kombucha is a probiotic filled with various microorganisms to help keep your gut healthy, drinking Kombucha has been recommended as one way to healthier skin.

Some have taken this a step further and use Kombucha as a face wash. This is especially helpful for those who want to take a more natural approach to their skin care routine. People have reported that using Kombucha as a face wash led to a reduction in pimples and overall softer, smoother skin.

The great benefit of this soap is that it combines the wonderful benefits of Kombucha with the other benefits found in different types of soap. For example, a soap that contains Kombucha and Tea Tree Oil can be a powerful tool against acne since Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial properties. Moreover, some may worry that the sugar in a traditional Kombucha face wash may irritate their skin if used too often, but this isn't a problem with Kombucha Soap because the Kombucha is diluted with the other soap ingredients. In fact, the sugar in this soap causes a better lather, guaranteeing you enjoy the full potential of every bar.

Also, those who have used cheap soap bars found at the grocery stores may have noticed that the soap can leave a scummy residue and make your hands feel dry. However, the wonderful part of Kombucha Soap is that it rinses very clean, leaving no scummy residue behind. Moreover, the low PH levels gently loosen the bonds of dead skin, acting as an extremely gentle and mild exfoliant, and the exfoliating power of this soap can be increased. I recently used a soap that contained dried, ground up orange peel , which added even more scrubbing power to this wonderful bar.

This means that you have a soap that can be used every day, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of Kombucha skin care. The beauty of soap containing Kombucha is its diversity as it can include a host of ingredients, including Activated Charcoal, Organic Honey, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil creating a soap that can help with specific skin issues.


I hope you've learned something about the benefits of Kombucha Soap, or even the soap's existence itself. If you have a desire to try your hand at making this particular type of soap, there are several links that can help you.

On the other hand, if you're interested in Kombucha Soap, but don't have the desire or knowledge to make your own, you may be interested in a future project. Brew Your Bucha is partnering with a local soap company Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance since 1951, to create a line of Kombucha Soaps. While we don't have a definite release date or types of soap to reveal currently, we expect the soap to be ready sometime in 2019.

We're excited to be partnering with this soap making company to produce high quality soap that is made with care. Brew Your Bucha will provide the organic raw Kombucha that will be added with other natural, organic ingredients to create soap that is much different than what you find on your grocery store shelves. Unlike the mass produced soaps that are filled with hard to pronounce ingredients, our Kombucha Soap is hand-made through an artisanal process that ensures every bar of soap is carefully made with high quality ingredients that make your skin feel clean, smooth, and supple.

If you're interested in being the first to know future developments and release dates, please sign up below. This ensures you'll be the first to receive samples and discounts on future soap releases.