By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: October 1, 2019 in Kombucha

Life is full of many choices, and sometimes it's nice to have a taste of it all. That's why tasting parties, be it for wine, cheese, meats, or beers, have become all the rage. Go to any brewery or vineyard, and you'll have the option to taste a variety of different products, allowing you to sample everything there is to offer.

Some people enjoy tasting parties so much that they throw their own, often bringing together a wide collection of friends and good food and drink. While you may have gone to a wine or cheese tasting party, there's a new trend emerging: Kombucha Tasting. Just like tasting different types of beers or wines, Kombucha Tasting allows people to enjoy a wide range of different Kombucha types and flavors.

If you're interested in hosting your own Kombucha Tasting, or just want to learn more about this new activity, stick around read our tips about how to throw your own Kombucha Tasting Party.

Bring Different Flavors and Brands Together

Kombucha has become so widely available at your local supermarket and health stores that there are dozens of brands for consumers to choose from. This can become a problem for the inexperienced as the plethora of choices can become overwhelming at times. However, when it comes to Kombucha Tasting, variety is the crucial ingredient to a successful tasting party.

So, take advantage of all the choices and buy a few different flavors from various brands to ensure maximum variety for your Kombucha Tasting. Make sure to try some more exotic flavors processes, ones that incorporate herbs or spices in addition to fruits. It may sound strange to enjoy a ginger strawberry Kombucha, but the spicy ginger is mellowed out by the sweet strawberry, giving you a deeper flavored brew.

Another fun tip is to find similar flavors across different brands and see which one you like the most. Kombucha brewers all have their own brewing recipes, giving the same flavors a different taste depending on the brand.

Include Jun Tea Kombucha

Another great way to add variety to your Kombucha Tasting is to include Jun Tea Kombucha. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Jun Tea Kombucha is different from conventional Kombucha as it uses green tea and honey instead of black tea and sugar. This gives Jun Tea Kombucha an entirely new flavor as the green tea provides a lighter taste than its conventional black tea counterpart.

Since Jun Tea Kombucha is much less popular than regular Kombucha, it makes a great addition to any Kombucha tasting as it adds an entirely new spectrum of Kombucha. If you're looking for a cocktail with a few more exotic twists then try at While it is harder to find, there are several companies that produce their own Jun Tea Kombucha. Going through the extra effort to include this other type of Kombucha will add another dimension to your Kombucha Tasting.

Don't Forget the Food!

No tasting party would be complete without some food to pair with your Kombucha. When it comes to pairing Kombucha with food, I prefer to treat it like soda, which means it pairs well with salty snack foods. Chips, pretzels, and nuts are great pairings with Kombucha as the salty food compliments well with the fizzy, sweet taste of Kombucha.

Another great food pairing for Kombucha Tastings is anything pickled since both products are fermented. Pickles, pickled beets, and pickled onions are great options to pair with a great sourdough bread as the fermented flavors all blend well together. No matter what you choose, include some food with your Kombucha Tasting to make it complete.

BYOB - Bring Your Own Brew

If you want to take your Kombucha Tasting to another level, consider making it a BYOB Tasting Party, meaning that everyone brings their own homebrewed Kombucha to share. This may sound like a lot of work, but brewing your own Kombucha is a simple, easy activity that sounds much harder than it is. Moreover, it only takes about a week to brew your own Kombucha, making it a relatively quick process when compared to homebrewed beer and wine.

Another advantage of the BYOB party is the lower cost. Store bought Kombucha is not cheap, often sold for at least $3 a bottle, so buying a bunch of bottles can quickly add up to a large bill. However, brewing your own Kombucha will keep the costs low and ensure that you know every single ingredient in your brew.

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