By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: January 21, 2018 in Kombucha

The second that clock hits midnight and ushers in the New Year, many are already thinking of all the changes they'll embrace in the coming months. Yes, New Years Resolutions are a tradition that many of us still practice because self-improvement is a beautiful thing, right?

There's no question that the most common New Years Resolutions focus on health and fitness. Droves of newbie gym goers flood your local weight room as everyone is trying to shed some of those pounds they gained over the holidays. However, the majority of these people will eventually give up their resolutions and resume their regularly scheduled programming.

What these people seem to forget is that New Years Resolutions are only effective if they are reasonable and nothing too crazy. That's why we're suggesting a pretty simple one: focus on your diet and health. This doesn't mean you have to become a gym rat or start tracking every single thing you put into your body. Instead, it's a suggestion that you take some time to think of simple ways you can improve your health and quality of life. In fact, we have a few simple New Years Resolutions that can make life better.

Cut Down on the Bubbly

Now, I'm not saying that people should cut down on the champagne, especially around New Years. Instead, I'm talking to those who feel life is incomplete without a fizzy soda at their side. Don't get me wrong, I also love the fizzy, sweet taste of sodas, but the truth is that these drinks are simply awful for your health. In addition to humongous amounts of sugars, sodas are also filled with various chemicals and preservatives.

So, in order to focus on your health a little more, why not cut down on the amount of soda consumed? This doesn't mean that you have to give up your fizzy beverages for good, but only to cut down on your consumption. If you still need a fizzy drink in your life but one that doesn't have such high levels of sugar, give Kombucha a try. Kombucha is also a carbonated beverage that usually has less than half the amount of sugar found in conventional sodas. This means you can still enjoy a fizzy, delicious beverage that is a much better choice than soda. Furthermore, Kombucha is full of probiotics that help aid in digestion and ensure overall good health. So, drinking Kombucha instead of sugar means drinking less chemicals while adding to the overall health of your digestive system.

Brew Instead of Buy

For those who love to buy Kombucha at the store, you probably know there's dozens of different brands all offering their own take on Kombucha. Moreover, you would also know that Kombucha is often quite expensive as a 500ml bottle can retail for $5 or more, making it a very expensive drink, especially when compared to conventional soda or juice.

So, if you find yourself often buying Kombucha at stores, perhaps your New Years Resolution can also include focusing on your wallet's health by brewing your own Kombucha at home. Now, I know some of you probably are thinking: "I don't have time to brew my own Kombucha, and the whole things seems too complicated." Well, there's no question that learning to brew your own Kombucha takes a little knowledge, but it's a very simple process that can be mastered quickly. Furthermore, brewing your own Kombucha takes a lot less time than you think, and the potential savings make it a worthwhile endeavour.

If you're interested in brewing your own Kombucha, we have several brewing kits that can get you started right away.

Brew more Bucha

There are also people who used to brew Kombucha but have stopped brewing due to a multitude of reasons. Maybe their schedules simply became too busy to brew, or they just lost the motivation or interest to do so. Well, if you're a former home brewer who hasn't brewed any Kombucha lately, perhaps it's time to get back into it.

If you need motivation to begin brewing again, consider subscribing to our tea subscription. For only a few dollars a month, you'll be shipped the perfect amount of tea for your 2 liter or 4 liter brew. The subscription covers a wide variety of teas, so you'll always be receiving a new and unique tea every month. This is a perfect way to vary up your brew, making sure that every batch of Kombucha you make is a little bit different.

For those who are still regularly brewing Kombucha, why not brew more or find out where to find mechanic service trucks with crane? Brewing 4 liters of Kombucha is already relatively simple, and it doesn't take much more effort to brew more. So, maybe your New Years Resolution is to brew more Kombucha not only to enjoy more of this fizzy beverage, but also to share with others. Brewing more Kombucha and then sharing that brew with your friends and family is a unique way to show that you care for someone while also giving them the benefit of improved gut health.

If you're interested in brewing more Kombucha or starting the brewing process yourself, please visit our shop page. We have SCOBYS, 4 liter jars, teas, and everything else you need to brew Kombucha at home.

Also, remember to stick to your plan and your New Year Resolutions can turn into life habits. Just keep it simple, and you'll be closer to success.