By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: April 21, 2018 in Kombucha

Top Five Kombucha Brands

Imagine you're walking down the drink isle of your local supermarket. You arrive at the Kombucha section only to be hit with a barrage of different flavours and types of Kombucha. How do you figure out which Kombucha brands are right for you? To try to clear the confusion, I offer my Top Five Kombucha brands in Canada.

1. GT'S Kombucha

When it comes to the top Kombucha brands in Canada, there is no question that GT's stands at the top for both variety and availbility. This Kombucha brand is available at almost every supermarket and comes in a variety of flavours. Although the company has so many options, GT's gained it recognition from its original line of classic Kombuchas. Flavours like Gingerade and Original pay tribute to the classic flavours that Kombucha lovers desire. Also, these Kombuchas are both organic and raw, which means there may be a small percentage of alcohol. Yet, this also means that all those health benefits are still in the bottle. So, when you eventually see any of the GT's Kombuchas at your grocery store, pick up a bottle and try one of the top Kombucha brands around.

2. GT'S Synergy Kombucha

Now, it may seem like cheating to name another GT's Kombucha on this list of the Top Five Kombucha Brands, but the Synergy Organic Kombucha line is different enough to be considered its own entry. What separates the Synergy series from GT's original Kombuchas are all the interesting flavours available. My personal favourite is the Divine Grape, which is the best store bought Kombucha I've ever tasted. However, if you're feeling more adventurous, you can try the Mojito or Cosmic Cranberry flavours. The Synergy Kombuchas are still organic, but are not raw. One more interesting option is the inclusion of chia seeds in flavours like Cherry Chia and Black Chia, which mimic a bubble tea experience. With all this variety, it's no surprise to see why GT's is at the top of the list of Kombucha brands.

3. Townshend's Brew Dr. Kombucha

Unlike the other Kombuchas on this list, which usually sell in single bottles, you may have seen the Brew Dr. Kombucha six-pack at your local Costco. Coming in three different flavours, this six-pack may offer a great way to try a variety of Kombuchas at once. The Ginger Tumeric Kombucha is wonderful for those who want a kick with their drink, while the Clear Mind flavour offers a smooth, subtle taste. If you want more of a fruity-punch, the Superberry Kombucha will fit your desires. All three of these Kombuchas are raw and organic, so you'll enjoy the full flavour and health benefits of your drink.

4. RISE Kombucha

For those who love pulpy orange juice, RISE Kombucha may be the one for you. RISE Kombuchas have small pieces of the SCOBY in the drink. Now, before some of you recoil in horror, these small pieces are actually full of health benefits and don't put off the flavour of the Kombucha. Just remember to flip the bottle and swirl it around before you drink it to make sure all that goodness is mixed thoroughly. It is not advised if you have some kind of addiction maybe it's better check leading heroin addiction treatment centers. RISE offers interesting flavours such as the Mint & Chlorophyll, which the company advertises as a great hangover cure. I've personally enjoyed the Hibiscus & Rosehips flavour, which really awoke my taste buds.

5. KeVita Master Brew Kombucha

The final item on our list of Kombucha brands is KeVita Master Brew Kombucha. What sets this brand apart from the others is its inclusion Ten Key Remodels and of heat in its Mango Habanero Kombucha, which chooses peppers instead of ginger to provide that signature Kombucha kick. The company has also just released a Roots Beer flavour that gives you a similar flavour to your favourite foamy drink, but with all those good probiotics and active cultures found in Kombucha. While Kombucha brands are known for their interesting blends of flavours, KeVita Master Brew goes one step further to offer you some truly interesting flavour combinations.

Brew Your Own

I hope this list helps you navigate the many Kombucha brands you see at your local supermarket. There are all kinds of kombucha and it comes down to each individual's preference for taste.  For a quick drink of kombucha on the go, we love to try all of the various commercial brewers takes on flavoring.

Long term, we think that making your own kombucha can yield benefits for you as well.  Home brewing allows you to control exactly what you are consuming and avoid any additive. Moreover, brewing your own Kombucha ensures that you're drinking fresh Kombucha, not something sitting on a shelf for too long. You have control over the flavor and ingredients in the drink you are putting in your body.

For more information on brewing your own kombucha, visit our Learn page.  If you want to check out our Kombucha Starter Kits to try making your own, visit our Shop.