By: Brew Your Bucha Posted: FEBUARY 6, 2020 in Kombucha

Can you see it? Maybe you can hear it. No?

Well, close your eyes and really concentrate. Can you feel it? Yes, that's right: love is in the air!

February has finally arrived, bringing love and romance along the way. Cupid has taken ownership of the shortest month of the year to give us a chance to celebrate the people we love. Valentine's Day may have been a manufactured holiday to sell candies and flowers, but it's now transformed into a day where we can express our true feelings to those who really matter.

So, how do you express your love to your sweetie? Are you one of the many people who scramble to visit a supermarket to buy a generic bouquet?  Or do you prefer to hire someone to do your dirty work and deliver candies to your special someone? No matter your usual technique, I'm suggesting you do something different this year, something that focuses on health and wellness.

Flowers and candies are fine gifts but they vanish too quickly. Why not give your special someone something that will last, something that will be remembered. This Valentine's Day, think of Kombucha as a perfect gift to your sweetie.

Give the Gift of Health

While chocolates and candies are a great gift for Valentine's Day, they do come with some drawbacks. First, these food are often mass produced using a huge amount of different chemicals to achieve flavor and preservation. Thus, many popular candies and chocolates are simply not good for you as the amount of sugar and other negative ingredients is astounding. Now, this isn't to say that having a candy bar here or there is going to kill you. Instead, this is a suggestion that maybe you want to go a healthier route when choosing a Valentine's Day gift this year.

That's why Kombucha is such a good Valentine's Day gift as the drink brings a host of benefits. Now, we've covered these benefits relentlessly throughout this blog, but here's a quick refresher. Kombucha is a drink that has a host of probiotics, microorganisms that already live in our digestive systems and help ensure proper digestion and good overall health. Whenever you have a stomach ache or diarrhea, it's most likely that the balance in your gut is off. Kombucha, along with other probiotics, can help restore harmony in your system, making you feel better in the process.

Furthermore, making Kombucha is a cheap, simple process that can take less than week once you learn the ropes. You can gather all the ingredients yourself or save the trouble and buy a brewing kit from our shop page. Once you have all your ingredients, you just have to simply follow a recipe and you'll be enjoying your home brewed Kombucha in no time. What makes brewing your own Kombucha so special is that you can control every single ingredient that goes into your brew, ensuring that you don't consume anything you don't want to.

Now, if giving a Kombucha brewing kit doesn't seem like a great idea, perhaps buy the kit for yourself and gift your sweetie his or her own special type of Kombucha. Since you have total control in the brewing process, you can make adjustments to make a brew that reflects a person's personality. If you're interesting in following this route, then maybe this Valentine's Day Kombucha Recipe will help.

Hibiscus Kombucha: Valentine's Day Recipe

For those looking for a Kombucha recipe for Valentine's Day, the Hibiscus Kombucha from is a great choice as it results in a red-pink brew! Now, before you follow this recipe, it's important to remember to use a separate SCOBY as the Hibiscus will turn your brew and SCOBY red.

What makes this recipe different is that it uses Hibiscus Tea instead of Black Tea during the brewing process. Despite the use of different teas, everything else is the exact same in the recipe, including the use of sugar to begin the fermentation process. At the end, you will be rewarded with a vivid pink bottle of Kombucha, ready to be gifted to that special someone!

If you're interested in brewing this Kombucha or any other types, please take a look at our shop page. We have everything you need to make that special batch of Kombucha.