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When you drink kombucha for medicinal purposes or just want to improve your overall health, consistency and timing can make a difference. So, when to drink kombucha on a daily basis is a question you have probably considered.  Is there a clear cut answer on the best time to see the most benefits? no.  Will this decision change the landscape of your overall experience with kombucha? definitely not.  However, it may help you to discover the timing that works best for you and your body and see some benefits you may have not otherwise experienced.

In the Morning:

Some health professionals advocate for drinking kombucha on an empty stomach in the morning to kick start your digestive system.  Doing so means the microbes (bacteria and yeast) are exposed to the acidic environment of your stomach for a shorter period.  This allows more of them to pass through to your large intestine and increase the diversity of your gut bacteria more effectively.  Most kombucha also contains caffeine which can give you an added energy boost to start your day.  See our article here on caffeine in kombucha.

People who are supplementing with kombucha to alleviate IBS or Candida problems also benefit from drinking in the morning as the good bacteria enters your body much more efficiently.  Stay tuned as we will post an article regarding how to use kombucha to help with Candida.

The caveat is that some people's stomachs may not be prepared for the influx of bacteria first thing in the morning.  Some have reported upset stomachs and nausea due to this method.  Our suggestion: if you want to try drinking kombucha consistently in the morning, start off slow.  Take an ounce or two of kombucha and listen to your body.  You will soon know if it agrees with it.  If there are no problems to report, increase that amount to 4 to 6 oz which is generally the sweet spot.  Over time, you can increase this amount but we suggest keeping it under 16 oz per day.  Remember, it is not the quantity that you drink but the consistency!

In the Afternoon:

Many people prefer to drink kombucha after a meal if they have found that they do not react well to it on an empty stomach.  An hour or two after lunch can provide the mid day energy boost that can get you through the rest of the day.  In addition, kombucha can help aid in digestion and also alleviate the feeling of lunch bloating or grogginess.

Others suggest that afternoon kombucha helps them lose weight as kombucha assists in curbing appetite.  This can decrease the desire to snack on junk food before or after dinner.

In the Evening:

If you are looking to use kombucha as a substitute to unhealthy beverages such as soda or alcohol, you can drink kombucha with or after dinner as a bubbly treat.  Many people have successfully removed soda from their diet using kombucha because it is actually the carbonation that the mouth craves!

Although most kombucha has caffeine, there are people who have claimed that kombucha helps them to fall asleep.  They also say that it allows them to sleep more soundly and with less interruption.  We will leave this one up to you to determine for yourself.

Before or After a Meal:

Depending on your goal you can choose to drink kombucha before or during/after your meal.

To Lose Weight:

  • Drink before a meal
  • Acidic flavors tend to curb appetite
  • Carbonation helps to fill the belly and sends signals to your body that it is more full

For Digestion:

  • Drink during or after your meal
  • The good bacteria assist in nutrient absorption
  • Increases your metabolism


There is no right or wrong answer here.  This is your opportunity to experiment and determine how your body reacts to kombucha given your goals and lifestyle preferences.  What we do recommend is that you drink kombucha on a regular basis to feel its effects and benefits.  If you drink kombucha occasionally, or are just thinking about trying it now, pick up a growler size bottle in store and attempt to drink it for 2 weeks straight at the same time of the day.  Make a brief journal and write down how you feel throughout the day and what changes are happening.

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