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Yunnan Gold Black Tea – 3 Pack


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  • Yunnan Gold Black Tea – A smooth malty flavor, savory taste with a subtle honey and earthy aroma.
  • Includes 3 packs of 16g which is ideal for (3) 4 Litre brews.

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A staple in any kombucha brewer’s kitchen.  Black tea is the most commonly used tea in kombucha due to its malty flavor and it symbiotic relationship with the SCOBY.  It is versatile in combining with fruits, herbs and spices for flavoring.

Our Black Tea is Yunnan Gold which we have chosen specifically for its qualities.  It is highly flavorful but mild enough to allow the kombucha acidity to work in tandem.  Slightly sweet honey flavors will seep in to give you a whole bodied kombucha.

Each pack of black tea has 16g which is ideal for a 4 Litre Brew.  Don’t settle for lesser quality, you will notice the difference when using premium tea.  The result will be premium kombucha.



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