About us

The Brew Crew

The Brew Crew started out as a hobby but evolved into a passion.  We tinkered and experimented with our home brews and wanted to build a community of like minded kombucha home brewers to share our experiences and knowledge.  Before we started brewing, we thought it would be more complicated, expensive, and potentially unsafe to brew our own bucha; however, after getting started, we learned the entire process is quite simple.

We believe that you can reap the benefits of Kombucha without the hefty price tag at your local food shops by brewing your own batch at home.   You can also have a little fun along the way!  ​

We realize it can be cumbersome to piecemeal all of the supplies you need to initially get started on your first home brew, so we offer an all-in-one home brew kit that will include everything you need.  You can also check back in with us to learn about different recipes and tips on tweaking and/or improving your brew.

Happy Brewing!
Derek & Chris – The Brew Crew