Kombucha Challenge


this is a 4 part program designed to increase your awareness of kombucha and how it can be used to benefit your health and lifestyle.

Part One

You will answer a number of questions so we can get an understanding of your current kombucha drinking habits and health goals.

Part Two

We provide comments and suggestions to improve the benefits you receive from using kombucha. We also provide a calculation of how much you currently spend on kombucha vs what it costs if you brew kombucha yourself.

Part Three

We send you a Kombucha Challenge worksheet to complete over a 1 week period. This is to increase your awareness of kombucha and the effects it can have on your body.

Part Four

You send us back your worksheet for us to analyse. We will reply with detailed recommendations on how you should use kombucha going forward and what benefits you are likely to experience.


Whether you’re using store-bought kombucha or your own batch you’ve made using Brew Your Bucha, our 1-week Bucha Better program is free of charge

We want everyone to truly understand the health benefits of kombucha, and so we’re happy to provide anyone who takes our quiz our recommendations for free so you can reap in those benefits.

Whatever your health goals are, we can help you get there.