4 Litre Kombucha Starter Kit


Your Brew Your Bucha Kit Includes:

  • 1 Gallon (4 Litre) Glass Brew Jar w/ Plastic Lid
  • Organic Kombucha Culture (SCOBY) w/ Starter Tea
  • 2 Pre-measured Bags of Organic Sugar (2 Brews)
  • 2 Pre-measured Bags of Organic Tea Blend from Westholme Tea Company (2 Brews)
  • Disposable Tea Bags (2 Brews)
  • Adhesive Temperature Strip
  • Cotton Cloth Cover
  • Elastic Band
  • Pipet Straw
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Brewing Instructions
  • Metal Mesh Strainer




  • EVERYTHING IN A BOX – Get everything you need to make your first batch of home brew in your kombucha starter kit!  The kit includes all the necessary pre-measured ingredients, equipment, and SCOBY to make your first two 4 litre brews.  In addition, you’ll receive detailed step by step instructions, access to tips and recommended recipes.
  • EASY INSTRUCTIONS – We provide an instructional video on our website to show you exactly how to brew with your kit. There is also a 2 page hard copy instruction guide to make your brewing experience simple, clear and informative. We also provide live chat assistance.
  • SAVE MONEY – Our kit comes with ingredients for **2** full 4 litre brews. Brew your own kombucha for fractions of the cost of buying in store. Use our recipes to flavour to your preferences.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH – Detoxify your body, improve your energy, boost immune system, and aid digestion with the benefits of probiotics.  Learn more about the health benefits in our Bucha What page.
  • WE ARE A COMMUNITY – Learn how to brew kombucha together with us.  Follow our blog and use our latest tips tricks and recipes.

23 reviews for 4 Litre Kombucha Starter Kit

  1. Kim

    I’ve always wanted to try to brew my own kombucha for a while but just didn’t know where to start. There’s so many things you have to buy and it’s kinda overwhelming to search for it all. My friend recommended Brew Your Bucha’s starter kit after they finished their first few brews. I love how easy it was to start brewing, because the kit had everything I needed – it’s a one stop shop to get everything!

    The starter kit comes with all the tools you need (jar, tea, SCOBY, temperature gauge, etc etc) easy to follow instructions, and a website with all the answers to my brewing questions. Brew Your Bucha’s website was also very informative on the benefits of kombucha and the brewing process. I had a few questions about the brewing process so I emailed them and Chris and Derek got back to me quickly. They also made some great flavor recommendations for my second ferments! So very happy with this kit and would recommend BYB’s kit to anyone who wants to brew their own bucha.


  2. Greg

    I just finished my first batch of Kombucha using this kit and I am blown away by my own brew! It really is very simple once you understand what you need to do. My friends won’t believe that I made it myself!


  3. Brandon

    I am very satisfied with this kit and am recommending it to family and friends.


  4. Joan

    I received my kit and brewed my first batch. It was so easy with the premeasured packages of tea and sugar. My kit included everything I needed including very detailed instructions. It was an easy process and now I’m onto my second batch.

  5. Carrie

    The kit came with everything as described. I opted for the larger 4 litre kit because my whole family likes to drink kombucha regularly. Good quality product.

  6. Nikki

    Definitely worth it to get everything pre-organized together instead of running around town gathering supplies yourself (something I’d been saying I’d do for months and of course never got around to). Scoby is healthy and beautiful, jar is a nice big size, instructions super clear and easy to follow. I was surprised my first batch tasted better than any store-bought version I’ve tried. Derek, the company owner, is so nice and knowledgeable and went way above my expectations for customer service. Love this kit!


  7. Kelsey Jamieson

    Arrived so quickly, has everything I need!… so excited to taste the final product!

  8. Tina

    I have really been enjoying my experience brewing kombucha at home. I’m saving loads of money compared to buying it in store AND it tastes bettter. I was a bit concerned that I would mess it up but the manual is clear and the video is a nice touch. Very nice kit.

  9. Kevin

    I was skeptical at first, but now I believe that the value I get from this kit is worth the money spent. It has saved me hours of work collecting the necessary equipment and piecing together how to do it correctly. The support provided is top notch. They also created a forum for new brewers like myself to chat with other brewers!


  10. Kelly

    Right when I opened my package I knew that the quality of this kit is top notch. It was well packaged and looks fantastic. The owners have given me personal tips and assistance when I asked questions on their website. Great stuff.


  11. Allie

    Great product, SCOBY was very healthy upon arrival, and was shipped 3days earlier than expected! Directions are clear and very helpful.


  12. Juan Alberto Lopez

    Tout est telle que annoncé, la seule chose que je ne comprendre pas c’est le thermomètre? Je hâte de goûter au résultat

    Merci !


  13. Craig

    Just brewed my first batch. Followed your instructions and turned out great.


  14. Alexander Liwoch

    A straight forward kit for making your own kombucha. For my first batch, I made ginger and blueberry brews, and they turned out great. I can’t wait to experiment more with brew times and flavours.


  15. Fiona Bassie

    The package was delivered quickly. Instructions were easy to follow. The scoby worked great. Love the tea it’s just what I expected!


  16. Michelle Stairs

    Came with absolutely everything I needed!! Easy to make and came with clear instructions. Highly recommend


  17. Elbie Regan

    I was nervous about brewing my own kombucha so I hose to order this kit. It’s very easy to use and has clear directions. The whole kit comes in a nice little bundle that makes it feel as if it was packaged with a lot of care. This did not disappoint!


  18. Wayne

    It’s very easy to use and has clear directions. The whole kit comes in a nice little bundle that makes it feel as if it was packaged with a lot of care. This did not disappoint!


  19. Andy Dewar

    Honestly worked our exactly as I hoped. Was going to find a scoby and get everything individually but it was nice that it’s all in a kit. Bottled first batch, which is tasting delicious so far (did some raw, some strawberry kiwi and some lemon ginger) and the instructions included helped a lot.

    Second batch is fermenting (I actually bought a second gallon jug off amazon already because I imagine my operation growing due to my love of drinking it and wanting to experiment) so used the portioned out tea and sugar which the scoby has loved.

    I have been told service and help is top notch but I thought I’d get through my first batch before I asked for help. Didn’t even need it! You guys are great and I thank you for offering the kit. I’m going to make this for years to come.

    One thing : the thermometer takes quite some time to register a temperature (or it has to be in the right light) and that confused me initially, though I have my own food thermometer (from brewing beer) so I used that, but then days later I noticed that. So it does work. Just be patient!

    Also I’m trying to find the tea filters you gave, because they worked perfectly, and I don’t know what they’re called.


  20. Angela Mckenzie

    I have made my first batch of Kombucha and really love it!!
    Directions are easy to follow and so exciting when you get to see tour baby scoby!!
    I added blueberry ginger in second ferment and myself and my 3 kids love it:)


  21. Jean-Louis Lassonde

    Everything you need is there, very good quality easy to use. Excellent buy!!!


  22. STACEY

    Came as advertised, easy to follow instructions. Got my first ever batch of Kombucha brewing!


  23. Mars

    Love this so much! Very simple and straight forward, just got my first batch done and its wonderful! Not a single problem here, thanks so much 🙂


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