Organic Kombucha Sugar (3 Refills)

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  • 3 pre-measured packs of Organic Cane Sugar for 3 kombucha brews (select your brewing vessel size)
  • 2 Litre Option – 3 brews x (125g of sugar per brew)
  • 4 Litre Option – 3 brews x (250g of sugar per brew)

The amount of sugar is specific to the brewing vessel and recipes at Brew Your Bucha.  Of course, you can use this for other recipes as well!



Take the hassle out of measuring the right amount of sugar for each brew.  We provide pre-measured organic sugar packs to make the brewing process as easy as possible.  You’ll have plenty of kombucha to satisfy your taste buds!

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4 Litre Brew, 2 Litre Brew

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