Flavored Kombucha Recipes

Try some of our favorite recipes below and become a master of a deliciously brewed ‘bucha. All you’ll need first is a batch of plain kombucha (our Starter Kits can help you out with that) and any additional fruits, hodtools spices or herbs the recipe calls for.

Fromgrapefruit and ginger to spiced watermelon and tumeric tonic, these flavorful  twists will add a unique dimension to the taste profile of your kombucha. Our recipes are simple and can be easily adjusted to satisfy your palate. So get creative and invite your friends over for a tasting!

Kombucha Cocktail Recipes

Sweet, slightly tangy, and delightfully fizzy, flavored kombucha is easily enjoyed by itself but can also be paired with your favorite spirit. Feel a little less guilty when you imbibe on your favorite cocktail by substituting that sugary mixer with a kombucha brew that’s similar in flavor and a lot lower in sugar. 

Shake things up and put a new spin on a classic cocktail with one of our recipes below!